Little Flower Convent High School Irinjalakuda


When classrooms went online due to COVID -19, it marked not only a major transformation in KG to PLUS – TWO education, but a shift in parent’s involvement in their children’s education. In this pandemic situation, we have to communicate primarily online via social media to keep in touch with both students and parents. LF’s approach towards online education does not end with lectures and virtual training.

LFCHS organize motivational classes to address the mental health of students and parents, to increase the energy level of students and also to determine a persistency in reaching a specific goal. In order to help the students in the holistic development and assist in developing critical skills and abilities to be successful and happy in the 21st century life, LFCHS conducts online co-curricular activities to keep the student’s creativity intact. The teachers of Little Flower Convent High School are continuously monitoring the students through interactions via telephones and social media platforms, so that they remain calm and stress-free.

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To instill scientific temper among the students different innovative programmes are arranged in Little Flower Convent High School. In our school Science Club take initiative for this. Science days remembering science achievements are observed with due prominence in LFCHS School. Every year we conduct school level science exhibitions, science quiz competitions for students.

Prestige programmes named Little Scientists contest is conducted to inspire students to become future scientists. Every year LF School participates in Inspire award and National Science seminar. Towards enhancement of science to ignite students scientific passion, Little Flower high School conduct seminars based on space research by ISRO and scientists take classes to motivate students. Our students have participated and have been awarded in the Southern Science Fair competition and C.V.Raman Essay competition. LF school has taken a big leap in unleashing, scientific endeavors aiming at the well being of society.

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Democracy is a system of government for the common people.  But it has other meanings in political theory.  Democracy is also one of the values ​​that all human beings must embrace and express in their daily life. We need to create the conditions for these values ​​to emerge in the minds of children.  Such values ​​are essential in social life.  The child must recognize the interrelationship and commitment between governance as democracy and as a  way of life. 

Little Flower Convent High School always maintaining a social environment that recognise and respect governance, equality, freedom, co-operation, human values, fraternity, etc. Democratic values ​​should be a part of individual life.  After adolescence, the personality of the student also matures.  A generation that does not properly embrace democratic values ​​will be a challenge to future society.We need to create the conditions for these values ​​to emerge in the minds of children, and such values ​​are a must in social life.  It is important to recognize that democracy is a form of government and democracy is a way of life.  For democracy to succeed as an ideology, democratic values ​​need to be deeply ingrained in society. Our school always try to impart democratic values through school parliament, value education classes, and also through democratic type of school activities....

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