Little Flower Convent High School Irinjalakuda

School Clubs & Activities

Science Club

Science club provides a platform for students to improve their scientific attitude. We conduct exhibitions, seminars, workshops and day celebrations during the academic year. These activities helps to foster a culture of creativity and innovative thinking among students. Our students participated in district, state and national level science programmes.

Social Science Club

Prime objectives of social science clubs are creating critical thinking , awareness of time and space, cause and effect relationship , scientific outlook, values and broad outlook etc. As we all know social science club at L F School is fully dedicated in achieving these goals. It imparts ample opportunities to develop creativity, social commitment and environmental awareness to the students through day celebrations and apt activities

The club members participate from school level to state level competitions and keep the school's dignity at the peak. A state level Elocution 'A' Grade bagged by Siva Priya P during the academic year 2019-20, is one among many glittering victories. The club will definitely enhance multi-faceted growth of students.

Maths club

Maths club aims in the overall development of students. Our club provides excellent opportunities for students to develop their creative ideas. This will be accomplished by various activities like celebrating days and events, recreational activities such as puzzles and games, making charts and models conducting projects, items for mathematics magazine, seminar papers, mathematical exhibition and fairs, illustrations etc. Selected students will participate in sub district level, district level and state level exhibitions Our school is proud to announce that there will be state participants from our school every year .


A healthy mind resides in a healthy body is the principal in encouraging the students in sports and games. The students have vibrant energy which needs to be harnessed through Physical activities like sports and games. Our school has been consistently contributing athletes to the national and state sports arena. We have eminent players in different field, especially Volleyball, Handball, Kho-Kho, Chess, Swimming, Shuttle and Ball badminton. The art of practicing yoga helps in controlling an individual's mind, Body and soul. So we are giving practice on the same.


An old Chinese proverb goes thus;"For your country, if you plan for a year, sow paddy, If you plan for a decade, plant trees, if you plan for the future, nurture youth". In keeping with this aim, the students are made conscious to serve the society and the student community. Our students are given social awareness and are sensitized to take remedial actions to ameliorate the problems of the under-privileged. The primary aim of Junior Red Cross is to alleviate human suffering and evoke awareness through social responsibilities.


Under the captaincy of five Guide captains, five companies consists of about 160 Guides are doing their service selflessly. This is under the Bharat scouts and guides which is the national scouting and guiding association of India. The mission of this movement is to contribute a value system in education. Captains lead and train the companies and conduct the camps for the better output.

Guiding club play a constructive role in school and society. The movement encourages the girls to become happy, healthy and useful citizens. Independence day and republic day observations are conducted and variety of programmes are performed by the guides club. The club activities give importance to discipline and help to protect public property. Every year we have about 20 to 30 Rajya puraskar guides those proved their excellence. Guiding develops self knowledge and the need to discover a world beyond the classroom.

Communicative English

Communicative English is very important as it enables a student to communicate effectively. Whatever one says, no other language can help break down language barriers for people from any part of the global as English. We have communicative English classes aiming at successful communication in English. A student who communicates more information with few mistakes is more likely to communicate successfully than one who conveys very little with no mistakes. We keep this approach to motivate students for a good communication in the campus and in their family. Different games and activities are conducted by communicative English teachers to emphasize all the four skills- listening, speaking, reading and writing. Every week we have LF Radio in the afternoon done by students which is really a wonderful audio fest.