Educomp SmartSchool is the next generation of Educomp’s SmartLearning suite of products for schools. This breakthrough product is the result of years of dedicated Research and Development by Educomp’s R&D team. It brings together 6 layers of technology adoption for schools, and integrates them into one composite solution. A first of its kind in the world, it helps schools in enhancing the quality of learning and increasing learning outcomes while providing never before features, allowing the schools to integrate, nourish, create and enhance a 360 degree relationship with all stakeholders while keeping the student at the center of the learning experience.

With Educomp SmartSchool, we look at the school as an integrated learning ecosystem, where students can see education come alive through our best-in-class 3D animations, with smartclass recommended lesson plans & cloud based real-time updates. They can create and do experiments through virtual experiments and master language through English Mentor, which uses never-seen-before technology for voice recognition. Our 3D content immerses students into a new world of multi sensory learning, and the assessment system, Educomp Insight, allows schools and parents to track where students are, in their cognitive development. Through smartclassonline , schools can link students, teachers and parents into a seamless information exchange, messaging, CCE , assessments , peer to peer learning and more.

Educomp smartclass is the benchmark for digital classrooms. The pioneer just got better with the introduction of the SmartClass 5.0 release with never before features that make the job of the teacher even easier. Used by over 15000 schools and over 100,000 classrooms in India, SmartClass is the preferred choice of millions of students and teachers.

The smartclass CTS includes smartclass recommended lesson plans, real-time updates from the cloud, interactive features and simulations, diagram maker, assessments, virtual labs and thousands of modules of best -in-class content.

Smartclass recommended lesson plans

Our subject experts have carefully selected the most relevant modules on the topic. This will make it really easy for teachers to find just the right modules to use in class, and will drastically reduce the time needed to prepare for a class.To find the right module, click on “Lesson Plan” after selecting the class, subject and section on CTS. Of course, if you know some other module that you wish to use, you can still use the search engine or the “Classic View” to find it.

The smartclass 5.0 includes exciting and useful features such as Objective type tests, Practice Exercises, Board preparation materials and Subject notes (English Prose, Accountancy, History, Political Science and Hindi Grammar)

Science experiments for classes 6 to 10, show students the practical side of science. These experiments are useful across all boards.

Math activities are at the 6-10th level, and are based on activities recommended by NCERT. Further, teachers can create a math lab in the school with these activities!