Guiding is not merely an association but it is an active organization works for the overall development of an individual. The various activities of guiding are based on the three basic principles - responsibility to God, to other and to oneself. From the very beginning we have an active Bharat Guides. LF is proud to have a number of Rashtrapathy, Rajapuraskar & Thrithiya guides. For the overall development of guides we are conducting sports training, adventurous activities and camps. The organization works according to the aims, principles and methods of Bedal Powal who formed Bharat Scouts in 1907. In the whole, guiding helps the child to form into a responsible individual there by becoming a boon to the society.


Work experience really enables a student to understand the inborn skill in her and L. F. School arrange such situations for the students through work experience. School is really proud of the students who show their excellency in the field.

In Rexin work L.F. school won Prizes 1 for 4 consecutive years. In 2005-06 on the occasion of work experience competition L.F. Schoolwon the prestigious honour "Best High School in State". We give special training in chalk making, agarbathi making, BadmintonNet making, products using palm leaves, Fabric painting, Stuffed toys, products using waste material, plastic cane work, Rexin work, Flower making etc.. In 2008-09 Twin sisters Charutha C.D and Chandana C.D. won the Firprize in U.P. and H.S. in State Level Paper Craft Competition. Almost all years L.F. gets the total points.


Our School is adorned with calibered Students . The School holds a prominent place in the field of art and culture and scored a lot of points in State youth festival. Students have participated in Republic Day Pared at Delhi in 2000.

Activities : 1. To bring out the talents in the students through proper training in music, dance and other performances. 2. Arranging programmes for different occasions. 3. Giving proper practice to the students for different occasions. Achievements : Sub-distrit, revenue, state level champions. Ist prize holders in 'Thiruvathirakali' from last 3 years in state level competitions .


The school has separate and independent brass and pipe bands and they steal the time light during the founder's day and other important functions in our school. The Band troop is administered and trained by professional band masters. The students learn to play the instruments from class VI.


Little Flower School has several contributions in the field of sports and games. here were several state level winners. We are really proud to say that we have an efficient and well-organized band set since years. Moreover we give individual physical training to each and every student for physical and mental vigourand alertness. Ample opportunities are given to students to participate in different items of sports and gamesas they choose. We conduct competitions in each item and evaluate them.

Activities : 1. Sports and games competitions. 2. Formation of Sports Club. 3. Different activities for the students to make them physically and mentally fit.