A unique programme to develop the creativity of children, organised by the Department of Education. It enriches their inborn talents.The children participated in different competitions and brought many prizes in sub districtand district level. A unit of vidhyarangam kalasahithyavedi functions well in this school under the able leadership of malayalam Teachers.The school representatives are elected on the beginning of the year as President, Secretary Joint secretary and Treasurer.

Activities : 1. Litrary competitions, 2. Quiz, 3. Class Magazines, 4. School sahithya samajam functions on second Friday of each month.


Our School has been giving a lot of valuable contributions in the curricular & extra- curricular fields of education.

Activities : 1. Formation of council, 2. Celebration of important Days, 3. Friday Council meeting, 4. Discussion Classes, 5. 10 days conversation camp. Achievements : 1. State level winners, 2. PBS Competition winners, 3. State level competition winners of different items organised by Thripunithura Sanskrit college, 4. Other different competition winners. Scholarships : 1. Sanskrit University Scholarship winners, 2. State Scholarship winners


By educating a man we educate an individual. by educating a woman we are educating the whole society. Motive of the club The club emphasizes on developing English communication skills in the school.

As a part of English club activities 1. We conduct various competitions like Recitation, Versification, Elocution etc. 2. Twice in a month we have in a English club meet. 3. English Fest. 4. Every week we are conducting English Assembly with some interesting performances like conversation, story telling and some informative tips

Communicative English

Communicative skills forms one of the key indicates of successful formal Education. Because of non existance of natural language acquisition device, English have been a nightmarish experience for most of our students profeciency in English is synonionous with success.

The salad days of the 3rd millennium demand the good command of English so the school is aided by ABC, Academy for better communication , pioneer English language resource center which is offering a compressive language programme. To improve and sharpen the communication skills of the students, the organization follows integrated communicative language teaching technique (ICLTT). Its qualified and well trained teacher effect English learning, students friendly. In order to enhance the quality of the programme the school is visited by the language experts. The institute has also introduced and monitoring components such as, 1. ABC star badges 2. Language poster 3. Star class awards 4. Evaluation charts 5. Language competition 6. English for today programme 7. Campus interaction 8. Supporting grammar classes.

THARA PUNCH (Hindi Club)

We encourage the students to bring out all their hidden abilities in various art and cultural activities. We give the students ample opportunities to participate in various programmes to give them awareness of our National Language

GLOBAL VISION (Social Science Club)

The ultimate aim of social science club is the qualitative improvement of teaching social science in our school particulery History, Geography , Economics , Environ mental studies etc. All social science Teachers and five students who are interested in this subject from each class are the members of this club. Club activities inaugurated in June last week . Executive members of the club join together in every month and decide about the activities.

Activities : 1. Collection of important news and exhibit it in the News bullettin Board. 2. Celebration of historically important days. (eg) World Environment Day, World Population Day, Hiroshima Day, Chandra Dinam, Independence Day etc. 3. Quiz competitions are conducted. 4. Conducted poster making competitions. 5. Essay writing competitions. 6. News paper reaching competition. 7. Extempore speech, & Speech. 8. Seminar related to World Population Day. 9. Flim shows related to lessons. 10. Field Trips. 11. School level exhibitions.


Ample opportunities are provided to students to develop their talents in the field of science. Our students bring laurels to the school in district and state fair competitions especially in still Model, working model and research type project. Ourstudents compose different scientific articles and present science Magazine. To developscientific awareness, we conduct science drama. We have a well equipped Laboratory withmodern facilities for awakeningthe scientific spirit. Most of the students are interestedin participating the science Quiz, Talent Search Examination, C.V. Raman Essay compe-tition etc.

We also celebrate Most important days in connection with science and eminent competitions in connection with international year of astronamy.


Mathematics is the Queen of all sciences. It has changed the shape of history. Just as literature cannot function without words, so science has no meaning without numbers and mathematical skills. Mathematics is more important now than ever before. In fact it is as basic a need as words and communication without it our civilized world would fall apart.

Our Mathematics club helps the students to discover the secrets of famous mathematicians through lively experiments. Although you may never become a professional mathematician, the knowledge and excitement that the students can gain from the club activities will be useful to them through out their life.

Activities : 1. Remedial teaching for the backward children. 2. Enrichment activities for the gifted children. 3. Every year quiz competitions and exhibitions are conducted. 4. Publishing Maths update on Maths Bullettin board. 5. Preparing Magazines. 6. Conduct Seminar on Ramanujan's day.


"In a healthy body dwells a healthy mind." Aiming at developing healthy habits among the students the health club givesvarious discussions and awareness programmes on mental health, cleanliness, Drug abuse, Defectsof using fast food. Special daysare also celebrated. As our school is amongst one of the 118 schoolsselected from Thrissur district for the health awareness programmes, special JPHN (Junior Public Health Nurse) visits the students making them more health conscious. Students has been given the health card which contains all the details regarding the betterment of health.

Other activities : 1. Yoga classes 2. Sex Education 3. C.D. Shows 4. Seminars